Undergraduate Transcript

Although the Undergraduate Courses section displays more information (with sorting options), the transcript's last page describes the University of Missouri-Columbia's explanations of course numbers, GPA, and other marks on the transcript. The only relevant extra marks are the W for Writing Intensive courses and H for Honors courses. I did not take many honors courses because they are all generally lower level courses that I had credit for coming into MU. There weren't any additional official honors courses in the computer science or mathematics offerings.

One thing that you might notice is that my grade was officially changed after grades were turned in for my CS 2001 class during Fall 2004 and CS 4995 during Summer 2006. My CS 2001 grade was changed after grades were turned in because the professor missed the grade deadline and we all temporarily had Fs in the course. =) My CS 4995 grade was changed after grades were turned in because my research advisor did not know that undergraduates can receive letter grades for research credit (graduate students can only receive Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). I required a letter grade because the last 60 credit hours have to be taken for a letter grade in order to receive Latin Honors (Summa Cum Laude).

Here is a scan of my official University of Missouri-Columbia transcript. I put a light watermark across the document for no particular reason. The watermark just felt right at the time.