Undergraduate Degrees

I earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I completed both degrees on May 15, 2007 after a total of three years at MU (and out of high school). My overall MU GPA was 4.0/4.0 (Summa Cum Laude). The school used a +/- system for GPA with a minus subtracting 0.3 and a plus adding 0.3, but an A+ was counted no differently from an A. Thus an A- was counted as a 3.7 and an A or A+ counted as 4.0. In order to get a cumulative 4.0 one could only receive A and A+ grades.

I also earned the designation as an Honors Research Scholar in Computer Science for my work creating TRI. The designation is not printed on my diploma because the MU Engineering school did not believe Computer Science was a valid engineering discipline and they would only print the designation on the other Engineering school degrees (mechanical, electrical, civil, industrial, chemical, etc.). And to think I found that out after doing all of the research! Fortunately, the research was for experience and fun, and was rewarding in itself. =)

Here are scans of my diplomas in PDF format for your viewing pleasure. I put a light watermark across the documents for no particular reason. The watermark just felt right at the time.