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I took the following advanced placement courses at Park Hill High School. The grade field indicates score I earned on the AP exam. The possible scores are 1 through 5.

Undergraduate Courses from AP Exams
Date Credit Hours Grade Title Instructor Comments
Winter 2003 5 5 Calculus AB Josh Colvin Transferred to MU as Math 1500 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
4 5 Physics B Alan Cloud Transferred to MU as Physics 1210 - College Physics I
Winter 2004 5 5 Calculus BC Mr. Earnhart Transferred to MU as Math 1700 - Calculus II
8 4 Chemistry C. Huffman Transferred to MU as Chem 1310 - Chemistry I, Chem 1320 - Chemistry II with Lab, and Chem 1330 - Chemistry III with Lab