Graduate Courses at Stanford

Courses with an S (Satisfactory) grade were only offered on a credit/no credit basis. All Stanford CS course websites are at, replacing the X's with the course number. Courses are not guaranteed to have a website, but if the course has a publicly available website, one can access it at its address.

Graduate Courses at Stanford
Date Credit Hours Grade Identifier Title Instructor
Dept. Number
Autumn 2007 4 A CS 221 Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques Andrew Ng
3 A- 229 Machine Learning Andrew Ng
1 S 547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar Scott Klemmer
Winter 2008 3 A- CS 223A Introduction to Robotics Oussama Khatib
3 A 224M Multi-Agent Systems Yoav Shoham
3 A 228 Structured Probabilistic Models: Principles & Techniques Daphne Koller
Spring 2008 1 S ATHLETIC 112 Social Dance Roberta Sun
4 A+ CS 224N Natural Language Processing Chris Manning
3 A+ 227 Reasoning Methods in Artificial Intelligence Neil Yorke-Smith and Dan Bryce
Summer 2008 1 S CS 399P Independent Project Chris Manning
Autumn 2008 1 S ATHLETIC 112 Social Dance Roberta Sun
3 A+ CS 276 Information Retrieval and Web Mining Chris Manning and Prabhakar Raghavan
3 A 345L Large-Scale Data Mining Sep Kamvar
1 S 547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar Terry Winograd
Winter 2009 4 A CS 224S Speech Recognition and Synthesis Dan Jurafsky
3 A+ 294A Robotic Cars for Real People Sebastian Thrun and Clifford Nass
1 S Dance 46 Social Dances of North America I Richard Powers
Spring 2009 3 A+ CS 227B General Game Playing Michael Genesereth
2 S Dance 146 Social Dances of North America II Richard Powers
2 S 147 Living Traditions of Swing Richard Powers
3 A Stats 252 Data Mining and Electronic Business Andreas Weigend