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End of Year Reports, Officer Elections

Wednesday, April 4th at 6:30 p.m. in Ketcham Auditorium (Lafferre Hall)


The current MU-E2 officers will present a brief report of the year and then officer elections will be held for the seven officer positions. The officer positions are President, Lecture Series Chair, Membership Chair, Promotions Chair, Technology Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Please refer to the Constitution and Executive Board Description for the officer duties and the committees that each officer chairs.

Additionally, members will have the opportunity to participate in all of the permanent committees. These committees include the Lecture Series Committee, Membership Committee, Promotions Committee, Technology Committee, Funding Collection and Allocation Committee, and Election Committee.

You can participate in a committee or run for an officer position even if you were not an MU-E2 member for the past academic year.

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