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Steve Powell of Delta Systems Group,
Starting Ventures with VC, Angels, and Your Own Money: Notes from the Field

Wednesday, March 7th at 6:30 p.m. in Ketcham Auditorium (Lafferre Hall)


As a serial entrepreneur, Powell has participated in the start-up of three IT companies including SoftCell Communications, Ticket Topper, and AirPlay Direct. He is currently President of Delta Systems Group (, a systems development company in Columbia, is CTO of AirPlay Direct (, and is Owner of Ticket Topper, an IT-based NCAA student-athlete resource. Since 1992, Steve has demonstrated a wide range of strengths within Information Technology organizations, as an Information Systems Specialist, Webmaster, Director of Software Development, Director of Messaging Technology, CIO, CTO, COO and President.

With 30 years as a developer and 17 years of Information Technology development, project management, and IT executive management, Steve is well qualified for his positions with the companies he helps. He has been working with AirPlay, expanding and customizing the features and functions of the Interim platform for 2 years. He was intimately involved in each element of the development, release, support, and sale of SoftCell Communications - makers of an email monitoring and reporting solution with resellers on three continents as well as downloads on all seven.

Powell's experience with startups continues to grow as he and his staff cultivate six additional ideas that simply need more time and resources to help them develop into industry changing solutions.

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