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The Executive Board is comprised of the eight elected officers. These officers are the President, Lecture Series Chair, Membership Chair, Promotions Chair, Technology Chair, Treasurer, External Marketing Coordinator, and the Secretary. The Executive Board can create additional elected officer positions as the club creates new activities.


The President is the leader and representative of MU-E2. The President oversees all club activities, is the head of the Executive Board, and provides an overall vision for the club. The President also acts as the liaison with third parties and the advisor (Dr. Nunnally).

Lecture Series Chair

The Lecture Series Chair determines lecture topics, recruits speakers, and oversees all Lecture Series activities. The Lecture Series Chair also chairs the Lectuer Series Committee and assumes the duties of the President in the absence or at the request of the President.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair records attendance at each MU-E2 activity, provides reports of member activity and attendance/membership trends, and recruits new members to MU-E2. The Membership Chair also chairs the Membership Committee.

Promotions Chair

The Promotions Chair coordinates the promotion of MU-E2 activities which include but are not limited to creating and distributing emails, flyers, and other promotional/marketing items. The Promotions Chair also oversees the Promotions Committee.

Technology Chair

The Technology Chair develops and maintains the MU-E2 website, provides technology support for all MU-E2 activities, and oversees the Technology Committee.


The Treasurer oversees all financial matters of MU-E2, prepares an annual budget at the request of the executive officers or the faculty advisor, and oversees all fundraising activities including applications to SOAC. The Treasurer also chairs the Funding Collection and Allocation Committee.

External Promotions Coordinator

The External Promotions Coordinator manages activities promoting MU-E2 to non-engineering students, faculty, and other interested parties.


The Secretary records the activities of all Executive Board meetings, manages queries from MU-E2 members and other prospective individuals, maintains a copy of the Constitution, and makes the Constitution available to all members. The Secretary also chairs the Election Committee.

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